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Grimross Brewing Co
600 Bishop Drive
Fredericton, NB

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A rock show in the taproom with two of the east's strongest female voices.

With Jessie Brown’s power trio's dark and moody take on Rock n’ Roll, the Halifax band has been dubbed “old music for young people” combining vocal wails reminiscent of Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant or Janis Joplin with distorted, saturated guitar or bass tones from Jason Vautour and rounded out by the thunderous rhythmic drums of Thomas Spence.

Led by the stunning vocal abilities of Kristen Vautour, Wicked Vices construct songs with heavy lyrical presence.

The mind-expanding guitar work of Chris Hawkins holds strong on top of a robust rhythm section featuring Ryan Barrie on drums and Geoff MacDonald on bass guitar.

$10 at the door or free with a winter pass

Feb 1, 2019
$ 10