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March of the 104th Celebration: Tent Group Race

The Green / across from the Provincial Cenotaph
Fredericton, NB

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The winter of 1813 was one of extreme cold and heavy snows. Between February and April, the 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot marched more than 1100 kilometers, from Fredericton, New Brunswick to Kingston, Upper Canada (now Ontario), to reinforce British troops and thwart an expected American invasion. This effort by a regiment of poorly clothed, frostbitten and hungry soldiers stands as an incredible feat in military history.

The Royal New Brunswick Regiment (the R NB R) traces its heritage back to 1770. An important part of the Regiment’s history is the story of New Brunswick’s 104th. Today their epic winter march is celebrated as one of the R NB R’s Regimental days, March of the 104th Day, to honour the soldiers of the 104th.

Part of this year’s celebration is a Tent Group Race between teams from the Regiment and our affiliated Cadets Corps.

We hope you will come out to cheer on the teams and be part of this celebration of the Regiment’s history.


Jan 25, 2020
1:00PM - 4:00PM